Over and above our product portfolio, we are always willing to take on other jobs.
From fencing and railings, to specific customer requests. We are well equipped to cater for your needs.
Please get in touch with us to talk through your requirements or to get a quote.


Gates & Railings


Electric Gates

Sometimes customers want just that little bit more, and in this case we were able to manufacture gates to accept electrically operated open/close mechanisms, working alongside a local electrician, the gates worked perfectly.




Steel Framed Building

Steels were made up and erected by ourselves on this building – measuring 60ft x 30ft. We returned later to manufacture and fit a door to the finished building. Then a few months later, we returned and added a lean-to to the side.


Drilling Rig Platform

Custom made heavy-duty, high ground clearance, platform to house a drilling rig, mounted to a pair of powered tracks (provided by customer).



Ford 3000 Doors

A customer came to us because he could not get hold of any replacement cab doors for his Ford 3000, he supplied us with one door as a template so we could make a new pair of doors for him.


Other Projects